We woke up on a warm but wet Sunday morning, the kids were away for the weekend and we had nothing planned. As we lay talking I suggested we take a drive try try and find a nice little quiet pub for a spot of lunch. You look at me and smile give me a kiss on the lips and say “wonderful idea” we skip out of bed and get ready for our pub lunch. I dress in a pair of trousers and casual shirt. You wear a long flowing skirt with a black vest top and cardigan. Although it was a wet day the temperature was still in the low 20’s.We set off and drove towards high Wycombe listening to some tunes on heart radio with your hand slowly stroking my thigh as I drove. After around 20 mins of driving we spotted a quiet little pub called the horse and plough. We pulled into the car park and Parked up. Before getting out you leaned over and kissed me passionately on the lips. A natural reaction for me was to slide my hand up your thigh hitching your skirt up revealing your smooth tender skin. Your legs part allowing me clear access to you tight sweet little pussy. You slowly pull back from our kiss and say “oh you’ll have to wait for her till after lunch baby”. I beam saying “deal sexy, I can’t wait to have her for dessert”. 

We have a beautiful lunch in the horse and plough playing footsie under the table, teasing each other and winding each other up. We settle our bill before walking back to the car park hand in hand. I say to you “I think I will drive the long way home, we will take the back roads as we’re not in a rush to get home”. We begin our drive home along all the country lanes. As we drive you begin to rub my thigh again slowly getting closer and closer to my cock. You look down seeing me grow hard before your eyes. Loving the effect your having on me you give me a little squeeze. This sends a bolt of pleasure surging through my body sending my sexual desire for you through the roof. I begin looking around for somewhere quiet to park and quickly find a secluded little turn off. I park up and switch the engine off, you look at me and say “why have you stopped?”. “Baby you’ve been teasing me since we left the house and I just can’t take it anymore”. I reach up and cup your face with my hand running my fingers across your cheek softly then down towards your neck before placing my hand round your neck and giving you a gentle squeeze. I pull you in towards me and kiss you gently and first. You begin to moan in my mouth as we kiss, your loving having the pressure of my fingers squeezing around your neck. 

I release my grip from your neck and slide my fingers down across your chest to your stunning breasts. I squeeze each breast in turn before reaching up and pull your bra and top straps down quickly and forcefully. I do it so hard your breasts are released from your bra. I kiss you again sliding my tongue into your mouth with you responding the same, our tongues entwined. I gently rub your breasts as we kiss before slowly moving my kisses down your neck and over your chest reaching your breasts. I kiss every cm of your breasts before ending by licking your nipples watching and feeling them grow hard in my mouth. 

As we’re starting to get hot and steamy I notice it’s raining outside but as it’s such a warm day I decide to make my move i say ” don’t move”. I get out of the car and close my door, I run around to your door and open it. I put out my hand and you take it. “What are you doing baby?”. “Oh you’ll see” I respond. You leave the car and I lead you towards the front of the car. You look nervous now as I position your bum against the car bonnet. “Baby its raining”. To which I reply ” I know baby we are going to have sex in the rain”. 

I move in and begin kissing you again pressing your naked breasts against me squeezing you tight into me. We are starting to become wet as the rain gets heavier so I unbutton and take of my shirt, throwing it to the floor. I slide down your body licking and kissing your wet skin as I move down again stopping and teasing your nipples as I go. I don’t stop long as I slide further down caressing and kissing your sexy tummy until I reach your skirt. I look up into your eyes and say “I’m. Going to lay you back onto the honey now baby” and with that I slide your skirt up a little wrap my arms around your legs and lift you up onto the car bonnet. You lay back spread over the bonnet as I hold your legs letting your skirt fall back revealing your thong panties. I look down before looking up into your eyes as I rip your thong in two throwing it away. As I’m holding your legs in the air I begin to lick up and down your thighs kissing and nibbling each one in turn. Kissing the backs of your legs I pull back my right arm and smack your ass with one almighty hard whack. You let out a yelp as I smack your ass for a second time. I move down onto my knees telling you to hold your legs up allowing me easy access to your sensual tight little pussy. As you grab the back of your legs I kiss all the way up and down the backs of your thighs reaching your luscious sexy tiny ass. I give both ass cheeks a quick bite, feeling you jump a little as I do it. Finally I move towards your rain soaked pussy. I slide both my hands up your ass cheeks until I reach your pussy then gently spread your lips apart revealing your already swollen clitoris. I watch for a second as the rain bounces of your body cascading down over your clit and pussy. I now move forward and gently plant a kiss onto your clit. I feel you squirm on the car bonnet groaning in pleasure as the sensual feelings flow throughout your body. I start to flick my tongue over your clit feeling it grow under my touch as you become even more aroused knowing I’m about to slide my tongue deep into your pussy as we’re out in the open air in the rain with you draped over the car bonnet. As you anticipated I stop flicking your clit and slide my tongue down to your tight pussy burying it slow and deep inside you. I lap your pussy juices into my mouth as I caress the backs of your thighs and your ass. You begin to rock your hips as you begin to fuck my mouth as I eagerly lap up all your sweet tasty juice. Your orgasm grows and grows being fucked with my tongue fucking my mouth harder and faster. I stop with my tongue buried deep inside your soaking pussy tasting your juices and rain water mixed together. I slowly withdraw my tongue stand up and undo my trouser belt. You watch me with anticipation saying with pure desire “yes baby take your hard cock out, I want you to bury your cock hard into me, please fuck me baby fuck me as hard as you can”. 

I don’t need to much encouragement and slam my cock as hard and as deep as I can into you. You scream out in ecstasy “yes master fuck me fuck me hard I’m yours to do with as you please”. I begin to rock back and forward fucking your soaking wet pussy with everything i have feeling your juices and the rain water running over my cock balls and down my legs. This feeling gets me even more aroused and my cock begins to swell even bigger and becomes even harder. You feel me growing inside you which sends you ever the edge and into orgasm heaven. You scream out as loud as you can “FUCK ME IM CUMMING MASTER, YES, YES, YES IM CUMMING”. I don’t stop pounding my cock into you which keeps you cumming longer and longer. Your thrashing around on the bonnet, rain bouncing off every cm of skin as I tighten my grip on your legs now feeling my own orgasm grow. My cock swells up again at the sight of you still cumming it’s taking over your body still growing getting more intense than anything ever before. Slamming my cock hard and fast into your pussy I am about to cum, I shout out “baby it’s my turn to cum for you, I need to bury my cum deep inside you, do you want it baby? Do you?”. You scream out “yes master I want it I want it so deep, please cum in me”. At that moment I bury my cock and explode spraying my thick white seed deep into your soaking pussy. As your feel me empty my cum inside you this make you cum again even harder than the first time so hard your juices squirt out over my cock, balls and tummy. 

As both our orgasms subside I collapse onto you and the bonnet both of us still feeling the rain falling down onto our naked bodies. I kiss your breasts gently the. Look up into your eyes. You have a look of pure unadulterated happiness and satisfaction on your face and I know that this Sunday drive will be one we will never forget, it might even become a regular thing. We both slowly get dressed back into our soaking wet clothes so we can drive home and soak in a nice hot bath together. 
The End  


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