I’m back on my 4 days off work in the summer with scorching hot weather and you finish work at 12:30. When you arrive home i’m already dressed awaiting your arrival. You come inand ask if I’d like to go to the cinema which I say “yeah of course, What you wanna go and watch?”, to which you reply “Saw 3D” (You haven’t told me you seen it already). That settled you tell me to wait in the living room as you have a quick shower and change.  

About 15 mins passes by then you enter the living room, but your not wearing your usual trackies and hoodie, today your wearing a little flaural dress which i’ve never seen before so my jaw drops as you walk in. You give me a little twirl and say “I’m ready”. But before we leave I can’t help giving you a deep kiss telling you how stunningly beautiful you look. 


We arrive at the cinema just in time for the movie to start and as usual we stop and get some nibbles. This is the first showing of the day and also the last showing of the movie Saw 3D. We enter the screening room which is deserted and I say “after you?”. You walk all the way to the back row and grab some chairs in the centre of the row. We settle in but no one else comes into the room. 


The movie begins but before I can settle into it you grab my hand and slip it under your dress rubbing up slowly the length of your thigh all the way you freshly waxed little pussy. I turn to face you with a shocked but horny look on my face saying “Your not wearing any panties”. You calmly tell me “why would I baby they will just get in the way”. You lean over and whisper in my ear that you have always wanted to naughty in the cinema and today was my lucky day, well as you know I don’t need much encouragment to get naughty with you. 


I lean over and kiss your neck then move to your sweet soft lips and passionatly kiss you as my fingers begins to tease your tiny little pussy. I rub 2 fingers from the bottom of your pussy gently up till they meet your clit, which I give a little squeeze before sliding them back down and through your sweet pussy lips entering your tight hole. Already your wet from just being in a public place which helps me slip my fingers deeper, and deeper all the way in. I begin to fuck you with my fingers and as I do you start to lift your hips and thrust up increasing the sensations my fingers are giving you. You tell me to increase to 3 fingers and fuck you harder, so in gos my 3rd finger and now my fingers are pumping your tight little pussy hard and fast bringing you to a huge orgasm where your body starts shaking and your breathing hard and fast.


When you come round from your orgasm you give me a wicked smile before sliding off your chair and inbetween my legs, undo my belt pop my jeans buttons before pulling them and my boxers to my ankles. My cock is rock hard and pointing straight at you. You lean forward look up at me and lick my bellend, still not using your hand you lean down and gently suck on my clean shaven balls, sucking them into your mouth 1 at a time before licking them before licking all the way up my 6″ shaft. You lick up and down each side as if licking a lollypop and with your last lick you circle my bellend again before wrapping and tightening your lips round my shaft, then you slide my cock deep into your mouth. you start to bob your head up and down taking in half my cock covering it in your saliva making it easier to suck on. Then you look up and give me a wink before plunging my whole cock into your mouth all the way down to the base. you stop for a second before returning back to the tip. you repeat this over and over again and with every time you plunge my cock deep in your mouth I feel my urge to cum increase. By now your deepthroating my cock at great pace squeezing harder and harder with your lips trying to squeeze the cum for me. Well it works and I tell you “Susie baby I’m cummmming, i’m gonna cumm” and you lock your lips hard around my cock trying to take my load of hot cum in your mouth but there is way to much and a few drops squeeze out the side of your mouth and fall onto your tits just above your dress. You swallow my cum and lick your lips before coming up to kiss me sliding your tounge into my mouth letting me taste my juice. 


You return to your seat with a smile on your face, and my cum on your tit. I say “well it’s now my turn” and slide off my chair and onto my knees infront of you. I kiss you before moving down and licking the cum off your tit and kissing you again saying “you missed a bit babes”. I then return to my knees pull your ass to the edge of the chair move your dress and lift your legs to give me a great view of your soaking wet pussy. I stick my tounge out and circle round your little asshole before moving up to your tight soaking wet pussy and plunge my tounge as deep as it will go into your wetness. I start to tounge fuck you fast flicking it in and out as hard as I can. Again you begin to fuck my tounge by thrusting your hips forward fucking my face hard. After a few more minutes of this you can’t take it any more and eg me to fuck you. 


I get up and sit in on the edge of my chair with my legs as wide as they will go, I move you in between my legs faceing away and pull you down towards my waiting cock. I find your little pussy easily and you go straight for it bouncing up and down on my dick as hard as you can. Luckily the movie is really loud but I can still hear your ass smacking against my hips as you fuck yourself hard abusing my dick. After a few minutes you begin to slow and this was my turn to start thrusting my rock hard dick up to meet your ass pushing you up with every thrust. Another orgasm isn’t far away for you as you tell me “oh thats it fuck me Paddy, Fuck hard, I want you to cum deep in me baby” and with these words of encouragement I explode my sticky cum deep in your now orgasming pussy I can feel your soft pussy grip my cock as it pulsates and milks my cock of every last drop of cum. 


Now totally exhausted you return to your seat and i pull up my boxers and jeans, we turn to eachother smile then kiss, you then say to me “Pass the sweets and drink please baby” and we return to watching the movies as if nothing ever happened, Well apart from the huge smile on my face and the sweet smell of sex in the air.


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