We are on Holiday in Mauritius and one day decide to go exploring so off we go me in my shorts with T-shirt in a bag and you in a bikini with a little skirt. We leave our hotel compound and drive inland a few miles where we start to drive through a forrest, which we decide to stop in and have a strole. As were bimbling along you turn to me and whisper that your feeling horny and as we’ve not seen anyone the whole time we left the hotel you suggest we find a nice quiet spot to fuck eachothers brains out, well you don’t have to ask me twice so we walk a little further up the path and come to a clearing. It opens out and before us is a little pool with the most beautiful waterfall you have ever seen in your life to which you get really excited and strip off your skirt and dive into the pool. When you surface you shout to me that this is the perfect spot for us to have sex as it’s always been a fantasy of yours to fuck under a waterfall. After you’ve shouted for me to come in you pull off your Bikini pants and throw them to me then off comes your top. Well how could I resist this I quickly strip off my shorts and follow you into the pool. You greet me in the water by throwing your arms round my shoulders and wrap your legs round my waist pull ing my hardening cock close to your body. We kiss with real passion, Passion which i’ve never seen before as the excitment of furfilling your fantasy is coming true. 
We break our kiss and I say “Lets swim over to the waterfall” so off we swim. When we get there we find we can stand still and with the water pouring down on us I say to you to sit out on the side under the falling water. I help you up on the side which luckily is just the right highet fo my to start sucking on your sweet little pussy. I begin by licking round your tender lips as you lean back into the falling water with the pleasure of both the water hitting your aroused body and sensitive nipples with me licking my way from your sweet tasting lips I spread them with my fingers before plunging my tounge deep into you. This extra pleasure starts sending you into orgasm quickly as the excitment of being outdoors with the chance of being caught and being under the waterfall. You start to thrust your hips up trying to bury my tounge deeper into your now soaking pussy. I’m trying to keep up with your thrusts as you fuck my mouth hard and fast and at the top of your orgasm you grab my hair and pull my head tight into you while you clamp your legs round the back of my head. As my head is clamped and my tounge buried deep in your goushing hole I feel the muscles squeezing tightly round my tounge. As your orgasm subsides and your pussy grip releases my tounge I slide up your body and kiss your water covered nipples before kissing your deeply watching you come round from your massive orgasm. 

When you’ve finally come round from your awesome experience you turn to me and tell me to sit on the edge under the falling water and dangle my legs into the pool, you slide into the water dip under to wet your hair and come up between my legs. By now my cock is semi hard, you slide your hands up my legs to help support your body before finding the tip of my cock with your mouth. You gently lick down each side before grabing it and pulling the foreskin back to reviele my tender bellend. Before I know it you have taken it into your mouth flicking your tounge over the sensitive underside which helps it grow now fully erect. You look up at me and smile before sliding my entire length deep into your hot moist mouth. You keep it there for a moment before slowly pulling back to the tip. Now you have my cock where you want it you return your hands to my legs for support and start to bob your head back and forward and with every thrust of your head you take my entire cock into your mouth. After only several minutes of this I start to feel my balls getting heavy filling with cum. This is when I start to thrust my cock into your mouth. You stop bobing your head letting me fuck your sexy mouth knowing that I must be close to cumming. After several more thrusts I feel my balls tighten “I’m Cummmminng” and as I thrust one last time I empty the hot sticky cum from my balls deep down your throat. As my orgasm subsides you grab my cock squezzing the last of my cum onto your tounge saying “mmmmmmm Nice”, and with that you pull me into the water and kiss me sliding your tounge into my mouth letting me taste my cum from your tounge. 

As were floating round in the water mouths locked tounges entangled my cock starts to recover which you feel starting to press against your naked pussy. You push one of your hands down between us and give it a little squeeze saying ” mmmm that was quick”, By now with your fingers genlty squeezing it’s now rock hard so I whisper to you to guide me into your sweet, tight little pussy. You guide me in and I slide into your tight hole slowly inching my whole cock deeper and deeper until my balls are touching your ass. Now that i’m buried deep within you I guide us back under the falling water so it’s falling down on us. You give me one last kiss and whisper to me to fuck you as hard and fast as I can. Then you let go with your arms and lay back with your legs wrapped round me and me holding you up with my arms wrapped under your ass. With my cock still deep in you I pull us further under the water so it’s falling onto your chest as you lay back waiting for me to start. Now in position I start to pick up speed pulling out so just the tip of my cock is in you before slamming as hard as I can back into you. You start to thrust your hips towards me saying “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, thats it baby just fucking abuse my pussy” this just turns me on more than ever so I thrust my rock hard cock as hard as I can matching your hip thrusts. Your still laying back in the water with the falling water bouncing off your wonderfull tits and splashing us in the face but this dosen’t stop us but only makes things better as the water is making your tits and nipples super sensitive and while i’m fucking your tight pussy for all i’m worth you grab your nipples and start to squeeze, pinch and twist them in your fingers. This starts to bring on the the biggest orgasm of your life, By now your in your own world of pleasure and nothing else matters at this moment. As you build to this huge orgasm your thrashing around in the water fucking my cock harder than ever before screaming “yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I’m cuuummmmiiinnnnggg” as your screaming your pussy muscles tighten round my cock sending me over the edge I also scream “Baby I’m Cuuummmiiinngg” as I cum deep inside you. You clamp your legs tight around me lean forward and put your arms tight round my neck and hug me as your orgasm still surges through your shaking body. 

After a few minutes your orgasm has passed and you loosen your grip on my waist and relax your arms. Look me in the eyes and tell me “That was amazing” and say thank you for making the fantasy a reallity and actually being better than you ever imagined. We stand still with my now softening cock inside your pussy kissing and enjoying the moment before swimming back over to our clothes splashing eachother and messing about before we get out. As we start to get out we hear a rustling noise from across the pool and see some bushes move. Was it some wild life or were we being watched????? We look at eachother and giggle to ourselves well either something or someone got a hell of a show…….lol.

The End


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