Today started like any other normal day but this Friday was going to be anything but normal in fact the entire weekend was going to initiate you into a world that you will never want to return from. On this day your husband will become something more, much more he will become your master.   I went to work as normal but I had so many thoughts running through my head as I know I am dropping the kids off at their nannies for the weekend. Lunch time comes and I arrive home and drop you off to work. I kiss you as you get out of the car and say “see you later sexy bum, I will drop the kids down to your mums when they finish school and come meet you when you finish work”. Later that day I finish work, get the kids ready and drive them down to nannies. On my return home I put all the ideas that have been swimming round in my head into action. I go into our bedroom and at the back of the wardrobe I pull out a large black bag which is full of items. I move round the house placing items from the bag in various places. First room is the bedroom, then I move onto the stairs before moving down to the living room hiding the items from plain sight and lastly into the dining room. The black bag is now empty so I leave the house and walk to meet you at work. 

  You finally finish work and we have a quick drink before making our way home. We stop off and buy some drinks to take home with us. We finally get home and I pour us some drinks before we go into the living room to relax. We have a few drinks as we relax and unwind. You stand up and say “I’m going to go get changed and get into something more comfortable”. As you finish your sentence I stand up between you and the door blocking your exit and say “your not going anywhere because as of right now you my girl are my sex slave and I am your master”. You look at me with a smirk but a slight quizzical look. I continue “you will do whatever I want you to do, when I want you to do it and you will not question me in anyway. You will answer me with yes sir. Do you understand?”. With a cheeky smile you reply “Yes Sir”. I smile back at you and turn round and close the living room door. I grab your hand and quickly pull you over the the door and push you face first up against it. I move in close behind you and lean grab your hair and pull your hair back forcing you to look up to the ceiling and whisper in your ear “your mine for the weekend, I am going to do things to you that’s you never even thought where possible. I am going to show you the true meaning of pleasure. At times I am going to play rough and there will be some pain involved but it will be a pleasurable pain”. Just then I grab your wrists and force your hands up high onto door I pull your hips back slightly and kick your legs apart saying “spread those legs now”. Now I have you where I want you I start to pay attention to what your wearing. You have on a floor length skirt with a green vest, a black bra and a thong. I look and these from behind before sliding a pair of scissors out of my pocket. I grab the bottom of your green top and snip a slot at the bottom before I rip the top off your body. You turn your head round in shock but before you can say anything I place my hand over your mouth and say “I wouldn’t dare if I where you, you’ll only make things harder on yourself. As I said little lady I’m your master and I will do whatever I want”. I quickly release your mouth from my grip and unclip your bra, grab the front and pull it off your body. You place your hands back on the door quickly so you won’t get into any trouble. I reach up and place my hands on your shoulders and slowly begin to slide my fingers down across your back weaving them back and forth gently ticking as I move down closer to your hips. I get down onto my knees as I reach your skirt slide my fingers into the waist band and with one swift movement I pull your skirt to the floor. All your wearing now is your thong. I move in and give each of your ass cheeks a quick bite which makes you jump and turn around taking your hands of the door. I look up slap your ass as hard as I can and say “turn you fucking ass round and get your hands on the door right now”. You do as your told again and as you do I grab your thong and rip it down your legs leaving you completely naked and ripe for me use your body in any way I want to. I tell you “step out of your skirt and pants”. You do and I throw them across the room out of the way. I stand up behind you, grab your hips and pull you back towards me. You bend over at the hips still with your hands against the door I kick your legs as wide as they will go. Now I have you in the position I want you in I grab some of the items I pre positioned. The first item is a blindfold which I slide over your eyes heightening all your other senses. The second item is our riding crop. As your blind folded you still don’t know what I’m up to. I stand and start by sliding the crop up your right leg, as soon as it touches you flinch. I rub the tip slowly up your leg, along the back of your slender thigh until I reach your tight little ass. I circle your ass before giving you a single smack. You scream out in pleasure saying “oh yes master”. I repeat this on your left leg again starting at your calf before trailing the crop up past the back of your knee to your sumptuous little ass cheek and again hit your ass with a single smack. I now run the crop down the crack of your ass until I reach your smooth tight pussy. I rub it back and forth slowly at first getting faster and faster. You begin to wiggle your bum as the leather rubs up against your clitoris. I pull it back and give your pussy a quick thwack saying “stop moving, you can wiggle your ass at me when I say so”. I go back to running the crop along your pussy concentrating on your clit. I notice the tip of the crop is becoming damp as your pussy juices begin to flow as your arousal is growing with the anticipation of when the next slap will come. Just then I slap your clit once “slap”, twice “slap”, and third time even harder “smack”. The last one makes you scream out as you feel an orgasm begins to swell deep inside you. You say “oh master please slap me more I’m gonna cum, would you like me to cum for you master?”. As you finish speaking you spread your legs as wide as you can pushing out your ass as far as it will go so I have the best view of your now soaking wet pussy. I raise the crop to your neck and start to run it down your back and say “that my girl is a great idea, let’s start the weekend with you cumming without any penetration”. I reach the bottom of your back and quickly smack both your ass cheeks. One hard smack each before retuning it to your glistening wet pussy lips. I begin to tap gently at first moving up and down along your lips getting closer to your clit each time. Your beginning to moan with complete pleasure now letting each wave of ecstasy flow through your body. Your pussy and clitoris are pulsating with each stroke of the crop and I begin to notice your juices have soaked the riding crop and are beginning to slowly trickle from you. The tops of your inner thighs are becoming wet with your cum as your orgasm builds. I smack harder now sensing your pleasure going, you fling your head back still blindfolded moaning out “oh yes master, punish my pussy I’m all yours, harder master God yes harder”. I kindly oblige and really pull the crop back far and slap your clit so hard it stings but this stinging sensation isn’t horrible it’s an amazing sensation as it sends electric shocks surging through your whole body. Your legs start to shake as your about to cum. Your legs and now your ass begins to shake, this orgasm is growing and growing. Soon your whole body shakes as you reach your climax and scream out “oh god this is the most amazing orgasm of my life, oh fuck, oh fuck”. Just then your whole body tenses up and I give one last smack of the crop to your clit and your pussy erupts with your hot juicy sticky cum, you cum all over your inner thighs. Once your body relaxes I notice that you are still gently shaking from the intenseness of such an orgasm. I say to you “stay where you are i’m not finished with you yet. I then get on my knees behind you and softly kiss your ass cheeks where I smacked you before gently kissing my way to your now swollen pussy and clitoris. You and so wet I start to lap and lick your pussy lips to clean you up. I move from your pussy to your inner thigh licking all of your juices into my eager mouth tasting and savouring your sweet tasting cum. Once I have cleaned your legs I return to your pussy and finish cleaning up every last drop of beautiful tasting pussy juice. I lick my way up your ass, up your back and kiss the back of your neck. I whisper to you “that was an amazing sight my little sex slave, you taste to fucking good. Your going to keep the blindfold on a bit longer but I’m going to help you to the sofa to rest your legs”. I help you stand up and guide your to the edge of the grey sofa, it’s your spot and I say “sit on the edge, I don’t want you getting to comfortable just yet”. You slowly sit and sigh saying “oh that feels so good, that cold leather feels good on my swollen pussy”. I kiss you on the lips and say “give me a second I just need to pop out of the room a second……….
To Be Continued…………………


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