As I get up to go out of the room you lay back on the cold sofa enjoying the cool feeling on your red ass cheeks. I open the living room door and look back at you laying relaxing your legs naturally spread a little giving me the perfect view of your red tender looking pussy lips. I turn and leave the room closing the door behind me. I am gone from the room for about 5 minutes and when I return I’m holding a little black soft bag and a tub covered so you can’t see what’s in it. I place both items on the black sofa out of the way and walk over to you still laying naked on the grey chair. I lean down to your still swollen red pussy and blow gently, this sends a wave of pleasure deep into your pussy and spreads gently throughout your body. When I stop I stand up straight and say “right baby it’s time I get naked, stand up and strip me”. I hold out my hand and help you to your feet so were standing face to face. You move in closer to me raise your arms, place your hands on my shoulders and run your fingers slowly down my chest, over my Abs to find the hem of my T-shirt. You grip tightly and begin to lift the fabric upwards. Slowly at first revealing my freshly shaven torso. Once you see this your eagerly pull the T-shirt all the way off and discard it on the floor. Your attention is now drawn to the newly on my jeans, you look down as you unbuckle it biting your lip with anticipation of what you’ll see. Once you’ve released my belt you sink to your knees look up into my eyes and ask “is it ok to free your cock now master?”. I stare into your eyes saying “you can baby, yes”. You smile and start unbuttoning my fly, once open you move your hands around my wait band to the sides and pull them to the floor. As you look up you seem surprised as you come face to face with my cock. You say “oh I see master has gone commando”. You lean in towards my dick opening your mouth but I stop you saying “not yet baby, stand up for me”. You stand and I guide you back to the grey sofa. I place my hands on your cheeks and passionately kiss your tender lips. After a few seconds i release from our kiss and whisper “lay down and show me your arms”. You swiftly do as your told like a good little sex slave. As you lay down I pull 2 handcuffs from the black bag and quickly place them on your wrists. Now I tell you ” pull your knees up to your chest”. Again you do not hesitate, I now pull your arms round behind your knees and clip the cuffs together. Your now in the position I want you in and only two things left to do is place your blindfold back on and from the black bag I grab a ball gag and strap it into your mouth. I ask “if that’s comfortable just nod” which you do quickly. You can’t see or speak now with your legs pulled up to your chest exposing your still red slightly swollen pussy. I go to the covered tub and open it and lift out one of the items in there. I get to my knees between your legs and move in gently placing a kiss on your clitoris. I could feel the heat coming from your lips from the riding crop. I move the item in my hand and slowly rub it from your clit down over your pussy lips. You jump and try to scream as you feel the freezing cold sensation as I have just run an ice cube along your pussy. I continue to cool your pussy sliding the ice down both sides of your swollen lips. I spread your pussy wide exposing your beautiful pink clitoris. The ice is melting and I let a few drops fall into your clit and down and into your pussy. I now run the ice down along your tender pussy opening as you squirm screaming into the ball gag. I remove the ice giving you a break and lick the excess water from round your pussy. As I lap at your pussy I reach around your legs and rub the ice on your nipples. You rock from side to side as the cold feeling grows and your nipples harden. I run the ice down from your tits around your abs and over your ass cheeks before sliding it along the back of your thighs. The ice is melting fast now being in contact with your hot tender skin. As the ice gets smaller I finally rub it along your pussy lips finishing and pushing it hard onto your clit, as I do this I plunge my tongue searching deep inside your pussy and start to fuck your pussy fast and hard tongue fucking you lapping up as much of your tasty pussy juice as I can. Once the ice has totally melted and ran down your lips and into my mouth I stand with by hard cock in my hand move into you and slap your pussy hard with it. One slap, two slaps, three slaps. Then I run it up and down your pussy parting your lips with my throbbing shaft revealing your swollen clit with my free hand I slap your ass cheek hard leaving a nice big hand print behind. I hear your yelp through the ball gag so I do it one more time thwack. With my free hand I now grab the chain between the hand cuffs holding your arms still and keeping your legs as far up in the air as I can to allow me easy access to your tight little sex. Now in position I slap your pussy three more times and without warning I thrust forward hard and fast and plunge my throbbing dick all the way into your pussy. As I do this my balls slap off your ass, I wait for a few seconds to let you get used to the size of my dick inside you then I begin to rock back and forward. I hear your moans again stifled by the gag and there getting louder and louder the more I pound my cock into you. Still fucking I reach for the black bag and pull your pink vibrator out. With my free hand I pull your lips from around your pussy back exposing your clit. I can see your cum starting to cover my cock which makes me smile as I look down on your tied up blindfolded body. I turn the vibrator on and place it on your clit. You begin to squirm and groan loudly sounds like your trying to say something. I ignore your moans and groans continuing with my hard fucking of your tight now wet pussy and start pressing the vibrator harder onto your clit. I see I swell up in front of my eyes also feeling your juices flowing over my dick. I slam as hard as I can as your now shaking with your orgasm screaming into your ball gag shaking your head from side to side. I can see and feel your orgasm is in full flow but I keep on going I keep pounding hard and deep into you I also turn the vibrator onto max power. Your legs shaking with waves of pleasure your orgasm surging through your whole body then all of a sudden they go ridged. I keep fucking but remove the vibrator just in time as you let loose and squirt your cum all over my Abs. It’s like a fountain streaming out over me. Running down all over your pussy and my cock and balls dripping off your ass onto the chair. I stop thrusting and slowly pull my cock out of your soaking wet pussy. I drop to my knees and start licking all your juices from your legs and ass licking all over tasting and drinking down your sweet juices. Now your fully cleaned of your cum by my tongue I reach up and unclip your handcuffs and let your legs fall to the floor. I stand up and slide your blindfold off and release you from your ball gag. I say “get on your knees and clean your juices off me”. You swiftly drop to your knees place your hands on my hope and begin licking my thighs of your dripping cum. You lap everything off my thighs and Abs before concentrating on my cock and balls. My smooth shaven balls disappear into your mouth sucking them deep cleaning as you do. Finally your suck my dick deep into your throat. You look up into my eyes with a hunger as you keep my dick in your throat before slowly releasing me. I look down and tell you “I want to cum on your face, make me cum”. You look up at me and smile eagerly. You raise your hand and gently grip my hard shaft, pulling my foreskin back before sliding your lips over my bell end. You start to suck hard while using your hand to gently wank me off moving your lips off my dick at times to lick and suck my balls. Watching you licking and sucking me makes my dick swell and grow even bigger than usual. You notice this and apply more pressure licking and nibbling the tip of my cock. Concentrating on the sensitive area around the tip you devour my cock bobbing your head back and forward. I throw my head back as I feel my balls fill with hot sticky cum for you. You sense I’m getting close to cumming and start to deepthroat me while teasing my balls with your hand. I feel I’m about to cum and pull my dick out of your mouth and say “get ready baby in going to explode, open your mouth wide sexy” you look up into my eyes again as you open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue patiently waiting for your prize. I’m moaning now “oh yes baby that’s it I’m going to cum all over your face and tits”. As I finish speaking I scream “I’m CUMMING BABY” and I explode aiming my streams of sperm into your mouth. The first spurt flys directly into your open mouth and as you close your eye my second spurt of hot cum lands over your eyes and nose, the last large load of sperm falls onto your chest trickling down over your nipple. I have a few little drops of cum on the end of my dick and when you clear the cum away from your eyes you grab my cock and lick all the cum and swallow every drop of spunk down. You scoop the remaining sperm from your tits and lick it off your fingers “mmmmmmmmm you taste so damn great master, that was a beautiful treat, thank you”.
To Be Continued………………  


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