Once you’ve cleaned yourself up I help you to your feet and pull you in tight to me and wrap my arms around you planting a massive kiss on your cum covered lips. You flick your tongue out into my mouth searching for mine. I oblige twisting my tongue around yours sharing the cum from your mouth. Once all the cum as gone we unlock our lips and I say “let’s have a rest baby, I think your little pussy needs to recover for a we while. Let’s sit and we can cuddle on the sofa for a bit”. After around an hour of relaxing and cuddling I notice your start running your fingers along my thigh getting closer and closer to my soft relaxed cock. You start edging your fingers towards my dick finally wrapping your fingers around my shaft. You slowly start to wank me off pulling my foreskin fully back. My dick starts to harden under your touch until I am finally fully erect and a few strokes of your hand. I look over into your eyes and say “oh is somebody ready for round 3?”. You look back at me saying “oh yes master I am more than ready for what you have planned for me”. After saying it you bend down and give the tip of my penis a gentle kiss. I stand up and pull you to your feet and say “follow me”. I grab a few things from the living room to take with me and tell you to bring the riding crop. You follow me out of the living room and through the kitchen to the closed dining room door. I turn to you saying “are you ready for what’s behind this door?” You look nervously at me and nod your head. I repeat “are you ready for this?” You reply with “yes master, I’m ready for anything you want to do!”. I open the dining room door revealing a darkened room with only candles providing a low level of lighting. You notice quickly there is a duvet coving the dining room table with straps attached at each end. I have an array of toys and accessories and liquids on the computer table ready for use. Your nervous look turns into an excited smile as I notice your eyes lighting up in anticipation. I take the riding crop off you and give your upper thigh a little tap saying “I’ll take that thank you, you won’t be needing it”. I move in close, place my hand on your chin give you a tender kiss on the lips and say “it’s time to step things up a bit baby girl, let’s take this to the next level”. This time you kiss me passionately before replying “ok master I trust you, my body is yours to use as you wish”. With this I move you into position at the end of the table get to my knees and attach your cuffs to the straps, this spreads your legs wide attaching them to each table leg. I tell you “lean forward and lay face down on the table baby and stretch your arms out wide”. You do as your told and I move around the table and cuff your arms to the opposite table legs. Your now how I want you, your ass presented at one end of the table and your head and mouth at the other end. I grab the riding crop and move round to your head. I present my dick and run it across your cheeks sliding the tip around your lips as you open your mouth wide. I then slide my cock into your mouth, you wrap your lips around my girth sucking me nice and hard. I begin to gently and slowly rock back and forward fucking your mouth. As my cock slides in and out of your mouth I start running the crop all over your back then every now and then i lift it from your skin and strike down hard. With each strike on your back you jump and moan onto my dick. I move down your back till I reach your sumptuous little ass, run it over your right ass cheek then strike down full force “thwack”. You release my cock from your mouth and scream “oh fuck that hurts master”. I strike the same place again hard saying “did I say you could stop sucking my cock?” And quickly shove my dick back into your mouth again. I continue to fuck your mouth but this time harder because you stopped sucking. I now move the crop to your other ass cheek and strike down “thwack” again you scream loud but this time you keep my dick in your mouth in fear of extra punishment. I look down at my cock in your mouth and say “that’s better baby girl, keep sucking my cock”. I move the crop down even further to the back of your thighs and in turn I smack down hard left thigh then right thigh, back and forward now between the two. Listening to your moan after each smack. I stop using the crop and throw it into the chair, move my hands and squeeze your ass cheeks before pulling my nails up your back to your shoulders then grab a handful of your hair in each hand and start to control the depth of my dick in your mouth as I keep fucking. You look up as I look down at you loving how this looks you being totally dominated and such a great submissive little wife. I slow my strokes in your mouth now coming to a stop, I slowly withdraw my cock from your mouth letting you breath properly. I get onto my knees and kiss your forehead the kiss your cheeks and nose before planting a kiss on your lips. Once I pull my lips away I whisper in your ear “there’s no gag this time baby, I want to hear every pleasurable moan and scream when I’m playing with your pussy, oh and by the way your little ass hole is mine this time. I can’t wait to play and fuck your tight little ass”.

I give you a quick kiss then stand and disappear from your sight as I make my way round the table. I reach you tied up legs and pull your ass into an easier position then tighten the cuffs round your legs so you can’t move. I get onto my knees and kiss your left ankle before I begin kissing and licking my way up your leg gently nibbling as I go up your calf past the back of your knee over your hamstring then licking my way over your ass cheek. I move across to your other cheek and repeat the process licking and kissing down your other leg till I reach your ankle. I move up sliding my hands up your legs as I go until I reach your ass again and pull your cheeks wide apart. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and lick from your clit all the way along your pussy lips but I don’t stop and lick all the way to your spread little bum hole. I flick my tongue back and forward over your tight bum getting you used to the feeling before dropping some of my spit just above letting it trickle down over you tight bum entrance then using my tongue I rub the spit into your ass sliding my tongue into your bum hole. I reach over and grab the pink vibrator suck it in my mouth getting it nice and wet before switching it on and rubbing it in your clit making you jump. I run it up and down the length of your pussy a few times before slipping the tip in through your pussy lips, I slowly push the vibrator all the way into you as deep as it will go. Once the vibrator is in I start to gently fuck your pussy with long slow strokes, now I also begin lapping at your tight ass with my tongue. You begin to moan softly rocking your ass back and forward matching my strokes of the vibrator. I continue with the long slow deep strokes of the vibrator giving you a warm tingling deep inside as you feel your juices growing and beginning to flow around the vibrator. I notice the vibrator starting to be covered in your pussy juices so I quickly take it out and suck it clean “mmmmmm God you taste so good”. This time I plunge it hard fast and deep into you making your whole body twitch and you moan out in pleasure. I now remove my tongue from you now pulsating bum hole and grab our little pink vibrator again sucking it covering it in saliva. I switch it on and circle it around the entrance to your ass. I slide the vibrator deep into your pussy and leave it there as I gently and slowly slide the small vibrator into your ass. Your bum is more than accommodating stretching and sliding around the smooth wet vibrations. Once your ass relaxes a little I push it all the way into you. I say “that’s it baby girl I love seeing both your holes filled”. Now that both vibrators are on and deep inside you I get to work fucking you slowly to begin with alternately in stroke to your pussy with the out stroke in your ass. In, out, in, out. Your head flings back as the pleasure of being double fucked spreads through your body. You start moaning loudly saying “oh master I love it, fuck me, fuck me harder”. I don’t have to be asked twice and I build up the speed changing so both vibrators are going in and out together. This sends you over the edge and you cum hard your ass shaking as your orgasm reaches its climax. I keep penetrating both your pussy and ass slowing down as your orgasm begins to subside. Finally I slip the large pink vibrator from your pussy but I leave the vibrator deep in your tight ass because I now move in behind you grab my hard cock and slap it against your pussy. I slide the tip of my penis against your pussy spreading your lips covering it with your juices. As my dick gets covered in your cum I ease it into you feeling your fresh juices welcome me inside you. I say “it’s my turn to fuck you until you cum baby”. I begin rocking back and forward pounding my cock into you as I grab the vibrator in your ass and start fucking both holes again. You quickly start moaning again as you feel my cock stretch your tight pussy and feel the vibrations from the toy surge through your ass. I feel your pussy pulsating around my dick squeezing me tight as I penetrate you deeply. Your moaning grows and grows loving the feeling of double penetration but I suddenly pull my cock out of your pussy and slide the little pink vibrator from your ass. You look over your shoulder at me with a confused look as to why I have removed my cock and vibrator from deep inside you. I smile at you without saying a word and grab a bottle of lube. I raise it high above your ass and trickle a little stream down onto the crack of your ass and let it run between your cheeks coating your bum hole. I then pour a stream of lube onto my cock and spread it with my hand making sure my whole cock is soaking wet. Still looking at me you realise what’s coming. I slap my soaking wet lubed up cock off your ass hole then begin to slowly squeeze the head of my cock into you. The lube works a treat and my cock pops into your ass with ease. You moan out in ecstasy feeling my cock stretch your ass wide and now you’re relaxed I force my cock all the way in. I grab your hips and start fucking back and forward with force, my balls slapping off your clitoris with every stroke. Your head flings back starting to scream out in absolute pleasure your eyes rolling in your head. Fucking hard I feel your juices flowing from your pussy covering my balls and running down your legs. I lean forward, grab your hair and pull your head back hard as I plunge as hard as I can deep into your ass. I feel your ass pulsate and squeeze my dick hard this sends me over the edge feeling you milk my cock. I lean back again and grab your hips hard slamming into you as my orgasm reaches its climax. I shout out loud “I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna cum in your ass”. Me shouting this sends you over the edge also and you scream out “Master I’m cumming, your making me cum again”. Just then we both explode, I bury my cock pulling your hips as close to me as I can and spray my spunk deep into your ass my cock pulses with each spurt flowing into you. As I’m covering the inside of your ass your pussy releases your juices spraying out over me. As our orgasms subside I leave my cook in your ass as I lean forward and rest on your back in sheer delight. You say “fucking hell master your amazing. Tonight is the most amazing night ever. I’ve never cum so much or so hard in my life”. Once we have recovered a little I pull out my softening dick from inside your ass and get onto my knees and again lick and lap up every drop of your cum from your legs, pussy and ass cleaning you up. Once your all cleaned I walk around to your head and present my balls to your for cleaning. You open your mouth suck and lick each ball drinking down our juices cleaning me up. You move your head up and let my dick flop into your mouth and suck down hard lapping up all remaining cum left on my dick. Once you’ve cleaned me I release your arms and legs from the table and help you up onto your feet. You turn and sit on the edge of the table and I move in close to you pressing your breasts tight against mine. We kiss passionately as I run my hands gently over your body. We are relaxed and feeling completely satisfied loving being in each other’s arms. We move back to the living room to relax and unwind a little bit to recover. I do say to you “this night isn’t over yet baby, we still have things to do”.
To Be Continued…………… 


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