I just retuned form my 6 months serving abroad in the Falkland Islands. The children have all gone back to school and the weather is scorching hot at around 28 degrees C. It’s 10 am and I’ve thrown on my black swimming shorts, a little vest and trainers. I sit and watch you get dressed as usual watching your amazing sexy little curves as you sit naked drying your hair before sliding into your denim mini skirt. As it’s such a warm day you put on one of your bikini tops and step into your flip flops. I move in close to you gently placing my hands on your hips before stealing a quick tender kiss. As I pull back I whisper “your such a good little submissive wife not putting any panties on” to which you reply “I know what my master likes”. I ask you what you’d like to do to which you say “it’s such a beautiful day why don’t we take a walk up to the cafe in wendover woods?” I look at you with a smile spreading across my face and say “great idea” 😉We leave the house and walk to the woods arm in arm enjoying being back together talking about everything from the last 6 months. As we reach the woods im looking at your stunning body glistening in the summer sunlight. Watching you is making me Hornier and Hornier with every step we take. I just know I have to have you, I will never be able to wait till we get home. You are oblivious to what’s going on in my head as we bimble through the woods just ambling slowly enjoying catching up on what we’ve been doing. 

We reach the top of the woods and head towards the cafe. I see in the near distance a secluded little enclave which looks private. We approach the enclave and I make my move. I say to you “come with me” and as I whisk you through the branches and into a little hidden clearing. You look at me with shock and say “what you doing”. I don’t reply and push you back against a tree and begin to kiss you passionately wrapping my arms around your waist. You quickly relax and rerun the passion spending my lips with your tongue. As we kiss our hands are exploring each other’s bodies, the feel of your body has my cock rock hard. You make the first move and pull my vest up over my head and throw it to the floor before your hands start to caress my now toned chest and Abs, unknowingly groaning with pleasure as you do. 

I reach around and undo the knot in your bikini top letting it fall to the floor releasing the most amazing breasts I have and will ever see. I begin to kiss your neck moving down over your slender shoulders always kissing before reaching your breasts. I now start licking your right breast starting with large circles slowly getting smaller and smaller until I reach your hard sensitive nipple. I flick your nipple a couple of times with my tongue before teasing it by squeezing it gently between my teeth. I know this nipple is really sensitive and makes you so wet and horny. Before long you can’t stand it any more and pull me up, spin me round and push me up against the tree. You swiftly pull my shorts to my ankles in one motion as you sink to your knees. You look up with a burning desire in your eyes keeping eye contact as you grasp my cock softly pulling my foreskin back displaying my sensitive head. You can’t wait any longer and slowly part your lips and slide my rock hard cock deep into your mouth. You slowly take my entire cock into your mouth and throat before you begin to gently play with my balls. My head falls back as the feeling of your soft tongue runs up and down the length of my dick. I look down watching your head bobbing back and forward as you expertly suck on my cock. I can start to feel my orgasm rising feeling my balls filling with cum. As I feel this I pull you to your feet I see a fallen tree beside us and we walk to it before I bend you over so your now resting over the trunk. I pull your denim mini skirt roughly and spread your legs. I get to my knees and spread your ass cheeks wide apart exposing your tight soaking wet little pussy. I plunge my tongue deep into you fast and hard. As I do this you scream out in pleasure saying “yes baby I’ve been waiting for you to enter me for so long” I start tongue fucking your soaking pussy feeling your juices flowing over my tongue and into my mouth. I lap up every drop hungrily. You start to moan saying “baby I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”. At that moment I stop stand up give your left ass cheek a hard slap leaving a nice hand print behind. I bend over and whisper “now it’s time for us both to cum baby” I lean back and slide my rock hard cock slowly into your pussy. I bury my cock all the way into you. I say “you ready baby” you don’t say anything but simply nod. I grab your hair with my left hand pulling your head back and start to fuck you. Starting slowly in the beginning I build up momentum so I’m slamming my cock hard and deep into you. You begin to moan out loud so I leave your hair and put my hand over your mouth to stifle your moans and screams. I fuck you hard and fast and rough over the tree for what seems like ages before you yell “BABY I’M GONNA CUM” I say “cum for me baby, when I feel your juices I will cum for you”. Seconds later you scream “I’M CUUMMMIINNNGG BABY”. Hearing you scream those words tips me over the edge. I felt you explode and squirt your juices all over my cock and balls which makes me explode myself I bury my cock as deep as I can into you and empty all my cum into your inviting receptive little soaking pussy. We stay like this for a minute sweat running down our bodies enjoying the moment loving being as one. As we relax I slide my cock from you to let you turn to face me. We stand there naked in the woods oblivious to the world around us. Suddenly we hear a rustling in a bush near by. We look over to see a man and woman hidden watching everything we did. She had his cock in her hand wanking him off and he was fingering her pussy. They just smiled as we looked over and covered themselves up before turning round and walking away. We looked at each other and laughed 😂😂 hope they enjoyed the show. 

We got dressed and went on our way with huge grins on our faces staring into each other’s eyes with passion. 

We got the the cafe got our drinks and sat outside enjoying the sun, who should we spot at a nearby table but the couple who got a free show 😉😍
The end 


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